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Assignments are small projects individuals are given throughout a particular time period. Usually an assignment has a specific deadline especially when pertaining to work or school.

School related assignments are projects that are given to individual students and possibly groups. Group or partner assignments require teamwork and organizational skills as there is more than one person involved. . It may be beneficial to work with other people. This was the assignment tasks can be divided and some individuals might choose to fulfill the work pertaining to their personal interests and abilities. Other times it is preferred that the assignment is completely on an individual basis as this leads to one person's responsibility over others.

Some school assignments might take as little as a few minutes to complete while others may take months. This is all depending on the level and capability of the student. A particular assignment given in school may be a research essay or book analysis. This might take a few days to complete depending on the amount of research involved. Other assignments might be in class tasks that individuals work on solely at school.

When students are given an assignment it is best that they complete it accurately and on time. It is vital that they follow particular instructions and assignment guidelines so that they can stay on track and receive the best results. It is also helpful for the student to use class resources to help them complete the assignment to the best of their ability.

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